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A legacy of experience

Increase productivity by over 20% every day with PEPworldwide


PEPworldwide offers practical solutions for work process improvement, helping people to increase their efficiency and achieve more in less time.

As the global leader in providing workplace productivity and effectiveness solutions, PEPworldwide works with individuals, small to medium businesses, large corporations and government departments, and has a presence in over 30 countries. PEPworldwide has built a legacy of improving business outcomes by providing people with the knowledge, skills and behaviours necessary to achieve outstanding performance. A focus on tangible, practical results has given PEPworldwide an industry-leading position as the preferred productivity consultants for over 50% of Fortune 500 companies.

PEPworldwide has been providing productivity solutions since 1989. Their vast experience has enabled them to achieve valuable insights into the challenges of increasingly complex and diverse business environments encountered by organisations around the world.

Something for everyone’s success

PEPworldwide’s tailored consultancy services align with the stages of the business lifecycle, whether your goal is to improve cashflow management, integrate with 'Lean' principles, benefit from business coaching or invest in new technologies for greater productivity. Advice can even be provided to help executives work more efficiently with their direct reports, or to facilitate an office relocation. Diagnostic tools are used to identify key areas for improvement within an organisation, and solutions are tailored to reinforce organisational skills and efficiency principles as they apply to each business. To see a full list of our solutions, click here.

The cornerstone of PEPworldwide’s services is the flagship Personal Efficiency Program, which teaches simple, practical strategies for work process improvement, enabling participants to create sustainable, long-term behavioural changes. As a result, participants gain on average an extra two hours a day to invest in high-return activities.

The success of PEPworldwide’s program lies in its unique approach: we combine group workshops with one-on-one coaching at participants' own work stations - a methodology which enables participants to apply the strategies learned to their own roles and working styles. The ongoing assessment that we provide confirms that positive changes are permanent, demonstrating a significant return on investment that is maintained over time.

Here is an example of the tangible gains recently seen in a large FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) company after completing a PEPworldwide program:

  • Staff became 48% more efficient when looking for papers and files
  • Staff were 43% more efficient when reading mail and email
  • Staff learned how to become 40% more efficient in planning work
  • Staff became 36% more efficient when working on projects/key responsibilities.

PEPworldwide’s approach is based on a robust and constantly refined delivery framework, comprising:

  • Collaboration
  • Delivery anywhere, any time, for any work environment
  • Unique, coach-led content
  • Ongoing evaluation and monitoring of results.

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