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Sustainable behavioural change through business coaching and mentoring

PEPworldwide’s one-on-one productivity and efficiency coaching will save you up to two hours per day

As global leaders in performance efficiency and productivity, PEPworldwide offers you the opportunity to tap into our extensive knowledge, with one-on-one tailored coaching. A key outcome is gaining an extra two hours each day, which can then be spent making progress on important issues.

We could all benefit from having more hours in our day. Through PEPworldwide’s customised business coaching, you will function at your most efficient and achieve a better work-life balance than you ever thought possible.

More than simply streamlining your work methods, PEPworldwide coaching will also decrease the time it takes for you to complete tasks. We are surrounded by tips and advice on how to get more from our workday, but PEPworldwide’s coaching will provide you with practical solutions guaranteed to fit your unique working style.

Over a series of sessions, your business mentor will discover the ‘pressure points’ associated with your role, then provide you with information, strategies, tools and skills which allow you to work more productively.

Good intentions are rarely adequate to achieve real productivity growth, but PEPworldwide’s phased approach enables you to develop new, positive work habits which guarantee improvements that can be sustained long-term. Ongoing evaluation enables you to stay on track and measure the boosts to your efficiency and productivity.

Obviously, every employee within an organisation will face their own particular issues with time management according to the requirements of their role. That’s why the one-on-one coaching that PEP provides is essential. Our expert coaches not only provide you with proven time management techniques, but also work alongside you to demonstrate how to apply them consistently to achieve lasting results. We work at every level of an organisation: our Executive Efficiency and Productivity Coaching offers even more specialised training for employees in senior positions.

On completion of a program, we analyse the outcomes for every organisation: it’s one of our most significant points of difference. The training process begins with the PEP Diagnostic Tool, a simple online efficiency survey, which provides an in-depth assessment of an organisation’s efficiency and productivity. Once our training is complete, participants undertake the same survey to compare the results. Our practical, hands-on approach has proved remarkably successful time and again. Our clients, who range from large multinationals and government departments to smaller organisations in a huge variety of industries, consistently report productivity gains of an average of two hours per day for each person. Their testimonials confirm the overwhelmingly positive impact these gains have made on their organisations.

Through PEPworldwide’s individual coaching you will:

The foundation of PEPworldwide’s business coaching and mentoring is the flagship Personal Efficiency Program.

Why go for the coach approach?

PEPworldwide’s one-on-one coaching is the ideal solution when it’s impractical to engage in a group program. Whether you are a remote employee, new in your role or are simply looking to refresh your skills, PEPworldwide’s productivity and efficiency coaching will arm you with practical knowledge to enable you to get the most out of your day by consistently working at your best.

Experience the best, sustainable productivity gains available

PEP gets people doing the right things, in less time and with less effort. It is an investment in personal efficiency offering measurable results. Furthermore, our clients often claim that the productivity growth experienced is immediate.

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