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Business-based solutions from a people perspective

Achieve measurable business productivity and efficiency improvements for your organisation with PEPworldwide’s customised solutions

As the global leader in business performance efficiency and productivity, PEPworldwide will help you to make the necessary changes to achieve an optimally efficient and productive workforce. Because programs can be tailored to your exact requirements, results are seen almost instantly in the form of tangible, sustainable differences to the bottom line.

Through our experience of working with businesses from all over the world (including over 50% of Fortune 500 companies), and drawing from global best practice literature relating to efficiency, business productivity, effectiveness, resilience and change management, PEPworldwide has developed a range of practical, common sense solutions that can be tailored to suit your needs.

To begin our process, one of our experts will work closely with you to understand your specific needs and ‘pressure points’. Our Productivity Diagnostic Tool - a simple online survey - is often implemented as the first step in customising your unique solution. By forming a snapshot of your organisation and highlighting key areas for improvement, the tool enables our coaches to provide the relevant training to maximise your returns.

Your customised program will be structured to allow for industry benchmarking, including ongoing assessment, as you continue to work with us over a period of time. We guarantee that we can demonstrate a tangible, positive return on your investment.

The secret ingredients: what makes the process really work

We know from experience that people learn better at their own workstations than in a classroom, as it allows theoretical abstracts to be placed in a relevant context. This is why our coaches come to your office, spending time at each individual’s workspace, which ensures that the skills acquired are easily applied to their specific role and working style.

We work with you over a period of time to ensure that the behavioural changes and positive work habits established by your employees are maintained long-term.

PEPworldwide is your ideal business productivity partner

PEPworldwide provides you with practical strategies to overcome all your productivity challenges. Employees of businesses all over the world have used our programs to:

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