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Tailored coaching to ease the load

Find the time to focus on strategic thinking and the 'big picture' with execPEP

execPEP will get you working up to 30% more effectively, easing your load by empowering the managers who report directly to you. This program frees up, on average, another two hours per day that you can put toward strategic thinking and working on, rather than in, your business.

At PEPworldwide, we understand your biggest challenges: 'back to back' meetings, regular travel and technological intrusions (phone, email etc.) that demand priority and often herald conflicting issues. execPEP has been created to help.

In the pressures of such an environment, it is hard to find the time (or mental space) to consider the 'big picture' and spend time on critical, core strategic thinking. In June 2012, the Harvard Business Review reported that 80% of executives surveyed said that they don’t spend enough time on strategic and creative thinking.

They get caught up reacting to immediate demands, instead of focusing on activities with long-term value and higher leverage.

An executive assistant can ease your time constraints, but you need to ensure that you are making effective use of this valuable support and that it is giving you the freedom to focus on the most important things. That’s where execPEP comes in: it enables you to work efficiently with your direct reports, so that you can make progress in moving the business forward.

An expert look at the basics

execPEP has a strong foundation based on global research into best practice behaviours, as well as drawing from PEPworldwide’s experience working alongside thousands of senior executives, across 23 countries, over the past 20 years.

The execPEP program tailors its coaching to the content and timing requirements of each client. As with all PEPworldwide programs, it involves a series of sessions to ensure that behavioural and procedural improvements are maintained over time. Skills are continually developed and refined, with ongoing assessment to ensure that both you and your direct reports stay on track.

Some of the important topics covered by the program include:
  • The best ways to work on, not just in, your business
  • Refining workflow processes and managing workloads
  • Freeing up time to focus on high-return strategy, not just operations
  • Getting the most out of the executive/assistant relationship
  • Effectively making use of your direct reports through prioritising, delegating and effective staff management
  • Using technology to work smarter, not harder
  • Allowing yourself to work productively on the most important tasks each day.

execPEP is right for you

Executives commonly expend more energy than they take in. In June 2012 the Harvard Business Review conducted an audit of executives which revealed the following statistics:

  • 82% were getting less than 7-8 hours of sleep, often waking up feeling tired
  • 70% didn’t take breaks regularly throughout the day to refresh their energy
  • 70% ate their lunch at their desks, if at all
  • 65% didn’t manage to exercise consistently
  • 68% felt that they weren’t spending enough time with their families, and often their mind remained elsewhere during these times
  • 71% didn’t have enough time to spend on the activities they enjoyed the most.

Your role is to do the big thinking, encompassing future planning and strategy. Those who report to you should prevent daily operations from intruding too much on this. Your executive assistant plays a vital role in this powerhouse environment by functioning efficiently alongside you, enabling you to guide your organisation forward.

Many executives already work well with their assistants, in which case the emphasis of execPEP is on reviewing current processes. Drawing from global best practice literature often allows positive tweaks and refinements to be made to the relationship, while recognising and reinforcing existing good habits.

When the relationship between an executive and their assistant is not working well, execPEP focuses on redefining mutual expectations and getting participants back on track in maintaining positive teamwork. The valuable strategies provided by execPEP coaches give you the tools to remove some of the ‘pressure points’, helping to refine and optimise your working processes.

execPEP is also ideal when a new assistant is appointed, providing a positive induction program which helps the new employee and the executive to work together efficiently and productively right from the start.

Join the other high fliers

Around the world, executives credit execPEP for their success, work-life balance and sense of control. As a testament to this, PEPworldwide is the chosen provider of productivity solutions for over 50% of Fortune 500 companies.

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